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This is a self contained build of CinePaint 0.22-1 for MacOS X Leopard and above. I followed the howto of Thomas Huffman. The Platypus based wrapper was taken from the famous Gimp.app created by Simone Karin Lehmann.

The program is linked against GTK+ 1.2.10 and recent versions of the needed graphics libraries. Sadly I was not able to integrate the print plugin as it crashes during the creation of the postscript output. I don't care as my printer isn't good anough to print my pictures.

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CinePaint-i386.dmg  15:21:27 2009/12/12  24.9 MB  application/x-apple-diskimage
CinePaint-ppc.dmg  15:21:54 2009/12/12  26.5 MB  application/x-apple-diskimage
CinePaint-src.tar.bz2  15:23:02 2009/12/12  65.3 MB  application/octet-stream
CinePaint-x86_64.dmg  15:23:22 2009/12/12  20.0 MB  application/x-apple-diskimage