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AS/400 Control Panel Functions

The following list are Control Panel Functions which works on all CISC AS/400. Mostly of them are tested on RISC machines.

01   Display selected IPL Mode
02   Select IPL Mode
03   Start IPL
04   Perform Lamp Test
08 2x Power off machine
11-19   Display System Reference Code
20   Display System Type and Model
21   Start DST, Password "22222222"
22   Dump Main Storage
23 2x Restore Licensed Internal Code
24 2x Install Licensed Internal Code
29   Load Model-Unique Licensed Internal Code
32   Download Disk Licensed Internal Code
50   Stop CPU
52   Start CPU


A IPL without temporary PTFs
B IPL with temporary PTFs
C Used by IBM for production
D IPL from Tape (SAVSYS, SAVSTG, 1st Releasetape / CD-ROM (I-Base)


N Normal IPL
M Manual IPL

Please send updates and bugfixes to Beat Rubischon <beat@0x1b.ch>